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Christian Bale Takes Cancer Victim Fan & His Family To Disneyland

A 4-year-old Boardman boy with terminal cancer and his family were flown to California this week to meet Batman. 

Jayden Barber, who was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, and his family spent Wednesday with superstar actor Christian Bale, according to a Facebook page post by the family. 

“Finally can share!!! Christian sent us to LA and we had lunch at Disney club 33 on wed!! He and his family were so awesome and down to earth!!!,” said a post on Lighting the Batsignal for Jayden page. 

The family also posted pictures of Bale posing with the family on the site. 

Jayden’s favorite character is Batman, and on Aug. 23 the Caped Crusader visited Jayden at the Boardman football stadium. That day was declared Jayden Barber Day in Youngstown. 

Last week, Barber’s family said Jayden was in remission. 

The community first learned of Jayden and his family in February 2010. Jayden was at Akron Children’s Hospital in Boardman battling bone cancer. One year later, Jayden’s parents learned the chemotherapy for the first cancer had caused a second, different form of cancer called MDS leukemia and this time, it was attacking Jayden’s blood and bone marrow.

Jayden got a bone marrow transplant in February from a female donor, but it was not working well enough. And July 19, doctors told Jayden’s parents their son was terminally ill.

Then last week, new test results showed Jayden’s blood is 99.6 percent donor T-cells, meaning he’s in remission.

Jayden will celebrate his 5th birthday Sept. 17.

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Christian Bale as Jum-Jum/Benke in Mio min Mio (1987)

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